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Imbaud vs Strumilo 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
13 August 1922

Chess column in The Washington Herald was done by chess editor W.H. Mutchler. They provided local and international news as well a games gallery.

G.E.Parks vs A. Hale 1-0
Queen's Gambit Declined
This is a club level games between Capital City Chess Club treasurer (Mess. G.E.Parks) and a "low man in class B" on the club ladder. There is another published game between the two, find it HERE.

Dr. Imbaud vs Strumilo 1-0 1922 Correspondence
Scandinavian Defence

This is a famous correspondence games that available to modern audience. Dr. Imbaud was told as amateur from Paris. The game involved queen sacrifice and let the opposing king runs away in several moves ahead. This is must be one of the peak of pre-computer correspondence brilliant game. As commented by "New York chess autority" Mr. H. Helms, "Masters by no means monopolize the happy faculty of evolving dazzling combinations on the chessboard, although naturally their superior training enablesthem to excel in the long run. Dr. Imbaud an amateur of Paris, taking part in a correspondence tournament under the auspices of the newly organized Franch Chess Federation, won the following really beautiful game."
The game came tih interesting commentary as in the chess column.

International Tourney in England where Capablanca is leading.

A District Champion Turover vs Whitaker verbal challenge, mentioned was a handicaped of two-to-one odd.

The Washington Herald chess column August 13th, 1922

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