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Falkbeer vs Anderssen - Golmayo vs Walbrodt Chess Games - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
2 June 1893
A chess column starts in 1891. In 1893 the column had been growing up in size with more games and chess reports. Edited by James Glass.

Ernst Falkbeer vs Adolf Anderssen 1-0, Berlin 1851
Vienna Opening
Famous game by Falkbeer who able to dismiss Anderssen, considered strongest tournament player in Europe around that time.

Celso Golmayo Zupide vs Karl August Walbrodt 0-1, Havana 1893
Scotch Opening
A sparkling casual game won by the youthful Berlinese master from the Cuban champion. Played at the Centro Gailego, Havana, March 6th 1893.

- the continuation of West of England and Wales vs Ireland correspondence chess games that involved 100 players a side. England is 30.5 - Ireland 35.5!
- Bird vs Jasnogrodsky match detail in 1893
- W.H.K. Pollock visit at Buffalo Club and simuls 1893
- Columbian Chess Congress, Mr. Janust's reply to Mr. Gunsberg remarks in the London Evening News concerning the proposed American International Tournament.

White to play and mate in three moves, composed by Charles A. Gilberg

The Cambrian 2 June 1893 chess column
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Karl August Walbrodt vs Eugene Delmar Chess Game 1893 - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
12 May 1893
The Cambrian from Swansea Wales provide chess column since 1891, edited by James Glass.

Karl August Walbrodt vs Eugene Delmar 1-0, Match New York 1893
Phillidor Defence
This is a match between Walbrodt and Delmar in Manhattan Chess Club. The opening is a mixed between Petrov and Phillidor. The stack is 250 bucks each side, and bonus 100 bucks for the winner.

White to play and mate in three moves, composed by J.H. Ashbridge (Swansea)

Chess Gossip:
Baron Heydebrant u de Lasa, the doyen of chess writers, has given 50 dollars towards the funs of the forthcoming Columbian International Chess Congress.

Lasker is playing Showalter for the Championship of America, at Kohoma, Indiana. The stakes are 2,000 dollars. The score is now - Lasker 4, Showalter 1, drawn 2

the Cambrian 12 May 1893 chess column

Chess and Poetry by Charles Tomlinson - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian, Swansea
5 May 1893
Newspaper from Swansea Wales that provide chess column since 1891. Edited by James Glass

Sophy vs Charles Tomlinson, unknown
odd: remove Black King Bishop's Pawn (f pawn)
Carles Tomlinson is a British poets. He composed a canto with a chess theme and put into this book. This game probably played by him and issued by The Cambrian in 1893.

Dr. F. Deighton vs Mr. J.H. Blake 1-0, Amateur Tournament Cambridge 11 April 1893
Evans Gambit
A miniature game played by strong amateur players as the column suggested.

Ireland vs West of England great correspondence 100 players chess match 1893 - the score as in the newspaper

White to play and mate in two moves, composer Rev. W.P. WIlliams (Landcore)

The Cambrian 5 May 1893
chess column from Swansea Wales
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Chigorin vs Steinitz 1892 - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
29 January 1892
Newspaper from Wales with Chess column, edited by James Glass

Mikhail Chigorin vs Wilhelm Steinitz 1-0, World Championship Rematch 1892
Evan's Gambit Slow Variation C52
Chigorin vs Steinitz game annotation from this issue: "The following is the first game of the championship match now in progress at Havana. It is a most brilliant game, and Tschigorin has played it in that fine dashing style for which he is famed."

- Steinitz vs Chigorin have been played nine games: Chigorin 3, Steinitz 2, 4 drawns
- Judd vs Showalter match - Showater 6, Max Judd 4, drawn 3
- remember the local James Glass vs M.F.Lee, the score: James Glass 3, M.F. Lee 1, 2 drawns
- Gunsberg expressed his fears that, although much recovered after his six weeks illnes, he would not be strong enough to take part in any serious chess contest. Gunsberg thinks it possible that he may, like Chigorin, play a return match with Steinitz for the Championship of the World.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by unknown. The issue give a title "An Amusing Old-Timer" from the Baltimore Sunday News

The Cambrian Chess Column, Swansea Wales
29 January 1892

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