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Helbach vs Alapin 1905 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
8 April 1906

The habitant of Australia most western city, Perth was given a thread of chess column, every week on The Sunday Times.

Grigory Helbach vs Semyon Alapin 0-1, St Petersburg 1905
French Defence
This game featured as "Our Gallery of Games" already known.

The Sunday Times Perth Chess & Draughts column

Tattersall vs Napier 1905 and Lasker Chess Magazine, The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
15 January 1905

The Sunday Times from Perth provided regular chess column.

Game (Status RARE):
Creassey Edward C Tattersall vs William Ewart Napier 0-1, Hastings 1st British Champ 1904
Ruy Lopez Berlin Open
From a British Tourney 1905 is what the article said about the game, this was 1st British Championship Hasting 1904. This is between well known William Napier versus lesser known Creassey Edward Tattersall. I cannot find this game in online database. It was a fine defend from black side and utilizing the Berlin Defence in this Ruy Lopez opening.

Lasker's Latest Love
Was article about Emmanuel Lasker Chess Magazine.

White to move and mate in two, composed by I.L.Puttino

The Sunday Times Perth Chess Column
15 January 1905 -  Advanced Search - NLA Newspapers

Game Viewer : Tattersall vs Napier 1904

William Viner Simuls at Perth 1904 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
14 August 1904

The Sunday Times from Perth was regularly provided a chess columns, namely Chess & Draughts.

Game - (Status Rare):
William Samuel Viner vs Mr. Martin 1-0, Simultaneous at Perth 10 August 1904
King Gambit
Although William Samuel Viner biography was widely known, not much games of him in (online) database. There were around dozen in but lack in Below is article for Viner exhibition in Perth Chess Club, August 1904. Also a fine game in one of the board.

White to play and mate in two, composed by W.S. Viner , Chess champion of Western Australia

The Sunday Times Perth Chess Column 14 August 1904

William Samuel Viner game viewer:

Capablanca vs Tartakower 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
24 September 1922

Chess Comment : News And Notes On Games was chess column in The Washington Herald. Chess editor was W.H. Mutchler with additional notes by New York based Hermann Helms, as in this issue.

Jose Raul Capablanca vs Savielly Tartakower draw (Queen's Gambit Declined)
Henry Ernest Atkins vs Jose Raul Capablanca 0-1 (Caro-Kann)
Jose Raul Capablanca vs Milan Vidmar 1-0 (Queen's Gambit Declined)
Jose Raul Capablanca vs Richard Reti 1-0 (King's Indian)
Charles Gilbert Marriott Watson vs Jose Raul Capablanca 0-1 (Queen's Pawn Game)
Savielly Tartakower vs Henry Ernest Atkins 0-1 (Four Knights Game)

The Washington Herald ended the full coverage of London 1922 with these games. It is good to remind how reign Capablanca was. In all his games he only draw four and without lost. He won with 11/15 score.
Check the tournament again HERE.

The Washington Herald - Chess Comment column