Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Botvinnik vs Reshevsky AVRO 1938 - The Winnipeg Tribune (Canada)

The Winnipeg Tribune - Manitoba Canada
14 January 1939

This newspaper from Manitoba province Canada provide chess column in their late 1930s. The chess editor was initial as J.H.B.

White to move and mate in two composed by R.G. Thomson

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Samuel Reshevsky 1-0, AVRO 1938
English Opening

Game is widely known from AVRO 1938 tournament.

In the Manitoba Chess Championship it is recorded that Daniel 'Abe' Yanofsky was the young local boy expert, which won the title in 1937. Daniel Yanofsky born in 1925 and die in 2000, he was Canadian champion many times.

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