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Viner vs Parry 1914 - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald
31 October 1931
Every Saturday, The Sydney Morning Herald provided chess column, since early 1910s.

William Samuel Viner vs J. Ellis Parry 1-0, British Championship 1914
Sicilian Defence Maroczy Bind Accelerated Dragon
I couldn't find this game in online database, neither the 1914 British Championship. So I will label this as rare game of William Viner. The opponent was J. Ellis Parry, which name appeared on several records in British Chess Magazine.

The Sydney Morning Herald chess column
31 October 1914 -  NLA Newspapers

Game viewer: Viner vs Parry, new unrecorded chess games from Australian master?

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James R. Hunnex vs Nelson CC 1900 - The Tribune Nelson (Canada)

The Tribune, Nelson Canada
1 December 1900
The Tribune from Nelson, Manitoba Canada do has some chess news on their paper, such as this one.

James E. Hunnex (Erie) vs Mr. E.G. Smith (Nelson CCC) unfinished, Correspondence 1900
Evans Gambit
Again, unfinished documentation on this correspondence game between member of Erie vs Nelson Chess Club. The player for Erie was James E. Hunnex and for black was E.G. Smith. James Hunnex was reported as able exponent who was member of London Chess Club as well and crossing sword with Blackburne and Gunsberg. His short bio can be found HERE. Mr. E.G. Smith was crack Canadian amateur at best according to the column.

The game only documented up to its 15 move, with black having the upper evaluation for its material advantage.

The Tribune Nelson Manitoba Canada chess column
1 December 1900 -  Manitobia : Digital Resources

Game Viewer, unknown correspondence chess game from the 19th century of Canada chess

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Tugwell vs Midnapore 1898 - The Morning Telegram Winnipeg

The Morning Telegram, Winnipeg Canada
7 July 1898
In the sporting news page of The Morning Telegram from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, a chess column was inserted.

E. Tugwell vs Midnapore unfinished, Correspondence 1898
Italian Game
Around summer 1898 a correspondence chess game was conducted between local chess player of Winnipeg are, E. Tugwell against the Midnapore Chess Club. Unfortunately I can't find the final result, this article was the only most complete moves, where in the last position the evaluation is equal for both side.

The Morning Telegram Winnipeg Canada Chess Column

Game Viewer:

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E. Wallace vs Esling and E. Lasker Simuls in South Wales 1895 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
7 December 1895

The Montgomery County Times was newspaper from Cardigan area in Wales, UK. They provided regular chess column since November 1895. Chess editor was not named.

Albert Edward Wallace vs Frederick Karl Esling 1-0, Australian Championship 1895 Melbourne
Queen's Gambit Declined
Game is known and the full score of 1895 Australian Champion match info is here. The most valuable thing in the column was this game annotated by James Mason.

Emmanuel Lasker vs L. McEachran 1-0, Simultaneous South Wales 1895
Petrov Defence
This is possibly a newly found game for Lasker simuls in South Wales. The game was well played by Black side, Mr. L. McEachran. Unfortunately the transcription on the column contained many errors and I was unable to deciphered to the end. Reader that has experience can help. Nevertheless I put the game on the game viewer.

-London vs Glasgow Correspondence game was won by the later.
-Mr. F.J.Lee, the well known professional has returned from America, and has been giving most successful simultaneous display in Dublin and Glasgow.

Chess to play and mate in two, composed by Mrs. W.J.Baird ,  female problemist?

The Montgomery County Times Chess Column
7 December 1895 - Welsh Newspapers Online  

Game Viewer from PGN4Web, possibly Lasker new discover game?

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