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A. Hale vs G.E. Parks 1922 Capital Chess Ladder Match - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
 15 October 1922

Chess column in The Washington Herald was done by chess editor W.H. Mutchler. They provided local and international news as well a games gallery.

A. Hale vs G.E. Parks 1-0, Washington Ladder Match Capital City CC 1922
Queen's Pawn Opening
We come to the second known game of G.E. Parks, a treasurer to Capital City Chess Club. His opponent A. Hale was at least strong amateur player. The first game was published on 13 August 1922, The Washington Herald. Both are RARE games. It is discovery that the first name was 'Arthur' Hale. He also recorded as playing a draw to 9 year old Samuel Reshevsky in that year 1922. (sources)

Games from Hastings 1922
Fred Dewhirst Yates vs Efim Bogoljubov 0-1 , Caro-Kann
Akiba Rubinstein vs Alexander Alekhine 0-1, Queen's Gambit Declined-Orthodox Defence
Alexander Alekhine vs Siegbert Tarrasch 1-0, Slav Defence
Alekhine won Hastings 1922, the detail are here.

-Young Samuel Reshevsky reported to has good tourney at International Chess Congress, Hotel Astor New York 1922. David Janowsky complimented the young master.
-Various news about local Capital City Chess Club tournament, Washington.

The Washington Herald Chess Comment column
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