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Mary Rudge vs T. Letchford - The Evening Express Wales 1892

The Evening Express, Wales
19 August 1892
Our Chess Column edited by Geo W. Lennox was a regular run in Evening Express, Cardiff district, Wales.

Mary Rudge vs T. Letchford 1/2-1/2, Correspondence 1892
Giucco Piano
One more known game by Miss Mary Rudge, Woman Champion from Bristol. This is a correspondence game against one of strong amateur player in the area. T. Letchford was mostly related to correspondence game in Wales, his name can be found several times in British Chess Magazine. The game in the article however was in question for its final result of draw, because if my reading correct, the last move 26.P to QR4 was rather dubious and black already got the upper hand without this questionable move. See game viewer below and if reader with experiences in descriptive notation can help.

White to play and mate in two moves, from the Hackney Problem Tourney, but no composer name.

White to play and wait result... hmm.. what's that supposed to mean?
Endgame from the Baltiomore Sunday News.

Ireland V. West of England and South Wales news, about the challenge by Hibernian Chess Association to play a match by correspondence to Bristol area chess Asscociation. Read the article for this interesting challenge.

The Evening Express, Cardiff Wales
19 August 1892 -  Welsh Newspapers Online

Game Viewer: Rare game for earliest female chess player, Mary Rudge from Bristol

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Cardiff vs Llanelly Chess Challenge 1891 - The Evening Express Wales

The Evening Express,  Cardiff Wales
10 April 1891
The Evening Express was one of Wales based newspaper that provide chess column. "Our Chess Column" edited by Geo. W. Lennox and focus more on the activity on their Cardiff Chess Club.

Geo W. Lennox vs C.S. Read 1-0, Cardiff vs Llanelly Challenge Cup 1891
Scotch Game
S. Daw vs Rev. T. Hamilton 0-1, Cardiff vs Llanelly Challenge Cup 1891
King's Gambit - Salvio Gambit

These are club level games between Cardiff CC and Llanelly CC. The game reflected their playing strenght with the later game in Salvio Gambit  show lack of calculation by white side.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by J.J. M'Eachran (Cardiff)

South Wales Challenge Cup
Report on Cardiff vs Llanelly, a final tie for Challenge Cup happening in April 1891, Castle Hotel, Neath. Full score and some of insight to the players of that time:
Geo. W. Lennox, W. Pethybridge, W.Cedervall, Rev. T. Hamilton, T.B. Pearsou, J.J.M'Eachran
C.S.Read, A.E. Hiles, J.G.Daw, S. Daw, J.W.Paton, D.R.Jones

The Evening Express, Cardiff Wales
10 April 1891 -  Welsh Newspapers Online

Game Viewer: Games of South Wales chess club players 1891

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Dr Josef Noah vs Wilfried Paulsen - The Evening Express Wales

The Evening Express, Wales
22 July 1892
"Our Chess Column" was the a regular column from The Evening Express, Wales.

Josef Noa vs Wilfried Paulsen 1-0, Hamburg 1885
Sicilian Defence, Kan. Knight Variation (B43)
This is Dr. Josef Noa from Hungarian versus Wilfried Paulsen, older brother of the famous Louis Paulsen. According to the article the game finished on move 18, where black resigned. Dr. Noa later give in the finishing move as in the article, which is of course not recorded on the database. Dr. Noa analysis was also actually not really convincing, as more than a hundred years later engine suggested something different. See game viewer.

White to play and mate in two moves, unknown composer.

Position: K3N3/2B5/Bpp3R1/1r1k1r2/1P4Q1/2P5/2nnP3/8 w - - 0 1
- Steinitz rejected the idea to play cable match to Chigorin, which has lately been so much talked. From The New York Tribune
- Morgan's Chess Library, new chess book by W.W. Morgan. It's contained the games of Stenitz and Chigorin known to that time.You still can buy the book HERE at AMAZON.

The Evening Express, Wales

Game viewer: Notable game of Dr. Josef Noa vs Wilfried Paulsen, annotation by Dr. Noa

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