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Golombek vs Tylor 1939 - The Winnipeg Tribune

The Winnipeg Tribune - Manitoba Canada
13 May 1939

The Winnipeg Tribune was newspaper from Manitoba province, Canada. They provided chess column around late 1930s.

Harry Golombek vs Theodore Tylor 1-0 Hastings 1939
Catalan Opening
The column typo the name to "Tyler". The game is widely known and available in database.

White mate in two by F.W. Markwich (Stratford Express)

The Winnipeg Evening Tribune 13 May 1939

James Sayers vs Morris 1921 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times - Perth, Western Australia
25 September 1921

This newspaper from Perth begin their chess column in this issue. The chess editor is unknown. The column focus on local Perth chess club news, the Australian chess and international news.

James Sayers vs AE Morris 1921 - 1-0 Caro-Kann Defence
which is already known and can be view at The game played on State Championship 1921.

Mate in two by F.A. Grosvenor

The Sunday Times Perth chess column 25 October 1921

Anderssen vs Kieseritsky by The Cambrian 1891

The Cambrian - Wales
9 October 1891

The Cambrian was newspaper from Welsh, they dedicated a chess column with editor James Glass. This is their first article. The transcript said:

At the request of many chess playing friends, we have decided to supply a longfelt want by devoting each week a column to chess matters, consisting of games, problems, correspondence and other interesting features in connection with this noble game.

Chess players and composers are invited to contribute problems, games, sketches, & Secretaries of clubs will oblige by sending notices of fixtures, reports of matches, and any other information concerning the above. All communications to be addressed to the "Chess Editor" The Cambrian, Windstreet, Swansea. SOUTH WALES CHESS CLUBS.  Aberdare Chess Club, Black Lion Hotel, Tues- day and Saturday, 7 to 11 p.m.

Cardiff Chess Club, Park Hotel, Monday and Friday, 6 to 11 p.m.
Llanelly Chess Club, Mechanics' Institute, Tuesday and Friday,.7 to 10.30 p.m.
Newport Chess Club, Town Hall, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 6 to 10 p.m.
Penarth Chess Club, Windsor-road, Tuesday and Friday, 7 to 11 p.m..
Pontypridd Chess Club, Pontypridd Restaurant, Market-street, Monday and Thursday, 7 to 11 p.m.
SWANSEA COUNTY CHESS CLUB, Longlands Hotel, St Helen's-road, Wednesday, 7 to 11 p.m., Saturday, 3 to 11 p.m.
United Rhondda Chess Club, Victoria Hotel, Ferndale, Wednesday, Pentre Hotel, Pentre, Thursday, 7.30 to 10 p.m.
The South Wales Chess Association, established in 1888, consists of chess clubs and unattached players in South Wales and Monmouthshire. The President is the Right Hon. Lord Aberdare, and the Vice-Presidents are as follows :
—Sir George Elliot, Bart., M.P., Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart., M.P., Sir J. T. D.
Llewelyn. Bart., J.P., Charles Henry Thomas, Esq., J. P. Ex-officio Vice- M.P.,
Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn. Bart., J.P., Charles Henry Thomas, Esq., J. P. Ex-officio
Vice- Presidents are represented by the Presidents of the various clubs above enumerated.

The promotion of matches between affiliated clubs.
The selection of teamR to represent this Association in matches against other Associations.
The establishment of a challenge cup, to be held by the champion club or individual player in South Wales.
The engagement of great chess masters to give exhibition blindfold or simultaneous games.
To draw up Iregulations for the conduct of matches.
To promote annual tournaments, to be held in tke various centres of the district.
To settle matters of dispute which may arise between clubs.
To arrange correspondence matches between teams selected from this against teams from other Associations, and generally to advance and promote the interests and regulation the practice of chess in the district.

The challenge cup, above referred to, has been won twice by the Swansea County Chess Club (In 1888-89 and 1889-90), and is now held by the Cardiff Chess Club. The cup must be won four times in succession to become the property of the winners.

For our first game we give an old but a noted )ne. For years it was considered to be the most orilliant game on record. Anderssen, by his victory in the great tournament of 1851, was the recognised champion of the world, and Kieseritzky was one of the leading Continental players. We jive it without notes.

Other interesting notes is a report on Blackburne first blindfold exhibition at the London Chess Club 1891. He won five , lost one and drew two.

The Cambrian 2 October 1891 - chess column by James Glass

Capital City CC vs Cabrillo CC 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
6 August 1922

The Washington Herald is one of newspaper that has regular chess column, their existence seems oversight by chess historian because I found little information about this chess column. The chess editor was W.H. Mutchler.

Western Tournament at Louisville, KY where N.T. Whitaker, V. SOurnin, E. Lasker and Showalter participating.

Early report about young Samuel Rzeschewski / Reshevsky and his sponsors.

Local Capital City Chess Club that won by Col Morey.

Correspondence games between Capital City Chess Club and Cabrillo Club of San Diego. The Capital City CC players are: Morey (C), Mutchler, Jeffers, Caylor and Cuthbert.

The Washington Herald chess column 1922