Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bondarevsky vs Smyslov 1939 - The Winnipeg Tribune (Canada)

The Winnipeg Tribune - Manitoba Canada
6 May 1939

The Winnipeg Tribune is newspaper from Manitoba province Canada. They done chess columns and their chess editor was initial by J.H.B.

Igor Bondarevsky vs Vasily Smyslov 1-0 Leningrad/Moscow 1939
King Indian Defence
Smyslov was in his prime, this game was labelled as training game, but in the article reported as tournament game. Game widely known.

Important report on Manitoba Chess Association meeting which revealed their president name, Canon H.L. Roy. Internet search revealed that Canon is a Reverand to Manitoba, Neepawa region.

White mate in two composed by G. Page

The Winnipeg Tribune chess column 6 May 1939

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