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Capablanca vs Bogoljubov 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
10 September 1922
The Washington Herald's chess column, chess editor was by WH Mutchler but usually also posted by Hermann Helms.

Jose Raul Capablanca vs Efim Bogoljubov 1-0, London 1922
Ruy Lopez
Tournament in Hastings 1922 was the main menu for week in this chess column. We continue to Capablanca vs Bogoljubov game, a fine one where Bogo put in great fight, only that his bishop was locked.

The Washington Herald chess column
10 September 1922

Capablanca vs Znosko-Borovsky 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
17 September 1922
The Washington Herald run a "Chess Comment : News and Notes On Games" column in the 1920s. The chess editor was W.H. Mutchler in regular. In any other day, New York based player and columnist Herman Helms. His bio as chess expert can be read on the first paragraph in this issue.

Capablanca vs Eugene Alexandrovich Znosko-Borovski 1-0, London 1922
Queen Gambit Declined
The game well documented in this super-GM tournament. The Washington Herald did almost all Capablanca games in this given week. You can find it in other Washington Herald link.

The Washington Herald's Chess Comment
17 September 1922

Capablanca in Best Paid Stars in Their Lines

The Washington Herald
15 September 1922

This article actually has been published by chess-history by Edward Winter. I found it again in The Washington Herald. It was posted on the front page. Here Mess. Capablanca line up with Mary Pickford movie star, Prof. R.A. Milliken scientist, John McCormack opera star, Samuel Untermyer layyer, Jack Dempsey pugilist.

The Washington Herald 15 September 1922

Chess Master Photos from 1886 1891 1892 US Newspapers

Every once in a while, newspaper posted a portrait of chess master in practice around their era. I found many photos and article simply describing their life. Here some collections which found in US based newspaper. Again most of it can be found in Chronicling America « Library of Congress . Enjoy the vintage newspaper quality portrait of these immortals:

Mower County (Austin Minn.) - Louis Paulsen Obituary
The Great Chess Player Who Has Just Died in London
26 August 1891

New York Evening World - Lasker Plays in Brooklyn
Begins an Eight Days' Engagement at the Chess Club
He Will Meet Some Experts in this Kingly Art
this is interesting article and photo group of Lasker, the other players as I can read are: Gilberg, Hodges, Kemeny, Rodgers, Hanham (?), Blackmar
12 November 1892

The Times and Democrat (Orangeburg SC)
The Chess Match - article about William Steinitz and Zuckertort match
14 January 1886

Morphy vs Rousseau 1849 - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian - Wales
27 November 1891

 The Cambrian was newspaper from Wales, they dedicated a chess column with editor James Glass. This is their seventh article.

E.A. Ford vs August Vorrath 1-0, 1891 (?)
Evans' Gambit
This game is a rarity, can only found one game in for August Vorrath and no info on E.A.Ford.

Paul Morphy vs Eugene Rousseau 1-0, New Orleans 1849
Italian Game - Rousseau Gambit
The very first published game of Paul Morphy according to the knowledge of the article. And this also maybe the game to be hold Rousseau name in the gambit. Game is widely known. The annotation on the column was by Kieseritsky.

White to play mate in three, composed by F. Healey

The Cambrian Swansea chess column, 27 November 1891

Blackburne vs Binns in 1891 Blindfold - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
20 November 1891

Chess column in the newspaper based on Swansea, The Cambrian. Editor by James Glass

Game - Status RARE:
Joseph Henry Blackburne vs Mr. Binns 1-0, Birmingham Blindfold 1891
Danish Gambit
Rare game on Blackburne skillful blindfold display. This is one of seven board in play. Please see game viewer below.

White to play and mate in three, composed by local Swansea problemist, Wm. Cann

Henry Bird's victory in Simpson's Divan tournament.
Match between Newport and Cardiff Chess Club. We get to know several of the line up, including P.G. Colbourne (Newport) and O.J. Williams (Cardiff).

Chess Poems by A.L. Stevenson - quoted from British Chess Magazine

The Cambrian chess column 20 November 1891

Game Viewer - JH Blackburne vs Binns - 1891 Blindfold