Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fine vs Capablanca Avro 1938 - The Winnipeg Tribune (Canada)

The Winnipeg Tribune - Manitoba Canada
4 February 1939

The Winnipeg Tribune is newspaper of Manitoba province Canada. They done a chess column that report international and local chess event with games notation. The chess editor was J.H.B.

Reuben Fine vs Raul Capablanca draw - AVRO 1938
French Defence

Game is widely known and AVRO 1938 was remembered as Capablanca's worst tournament.

Manitoba Chess Championship. Where Abe Yanowsky mentioned as champion defending player.Other competitors : A. Dreman, R.E.A. Doe / Doc.

Winnipeg Chess Cup Local Interclub Tourney 1939

White to Move and mate in two composed by W. Byas

The Winnipeg Tribune - February 1939

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