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Paul Morphy vs NN on Rook Odd - The Cambrian 1891

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
25 December 1891
Chess column from 19th century Wales newspaper in Swansea area.

Paul Morphy vs Amateur / NN - 1-0 unknown date
Evans Gambit with odd : remove white's Queen's Rook
This game was collected from mr. Reichhelm's manuscript, according to the column it has about sixty in collection. Unfortunately while trying reconstructing the game I found error at move B to QR4 and Kt to QR4 for black, as the QR4 square already occupied. Or maybe I miss something there... The game was known and this is similar game  to Steinitz vs Rock 1863, so since 1891 the game was known played by Morphy.

-Mr. W.H.K. Pollock gave 21 simuls and won all of them in Baltimore Chess Club

-Endgame between Champion vs Mephisto
-Herr Berger, end-game master of Germany has made the discovery that two Bishops force mate in eighteen moves from the most unfavourable position, and Bishop and Knight in thirty-two moves
- Correspondence games between Liverpool vs Glasgow Chess Club with Amos Burn in play
- South Wales Chess Association event, Swansea vs Neport at Whyndham Hotel, Bridgend. We see the full team of Swansea and Newport chess players. At Swansea side: E. Louden, James Glass, W. Cann etc.

White to play and mate in three, composed by J.N. Babson

The Cambrian Swansea Wales Chess Column
25 December 1895  Welsh Newspapers Online

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Steinitz annotated game vs Gunsberg - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
18 December 1891
Chess column found in this newspaper from Swansea area, Wales. Chess editor James Glass.

Wilhelm Steinitz vs Isidor Gunsberg 0-1, World Chess Championship Manhataan 1890
Queen's Gambit Accepted
Historical WCC match between Steinitz and Gunsberg. In this column, the Cambrian quoted Steinitz's annotation from the New York Tribune. Enjoy the simple explanation by the world champion.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by Mrs T.B.Rowland
Usually the solution can be found on the next issue

- Mr. Charles Nugent won gold medal for chess problem held by New York Chess Club
- Chigorin left Havre for Havanna to play Steinitz
- Swansea vs Newport challenge cup

The following good story is told of the great Steinitz, in the days when he played for a shilling a game at Simpson's Divan. A provincial player engaged with him en even play, and Steinitz won several games in rapid succession. Said the amateur, "I fear I do not afford you much amusement, but really, I am only a beginner.: Mr. Steinitz said no apology was required, and went on pocketing the shillings. Presently the amateur was satisfied, and said, "What is the fault of my play?" "Well, " ,said Steinitz, "you half played me thirteen games and you have never moved your Knigth at all." "ah," said the Provincial, "you forget that I told you I am a beginner; I do not understand the Knights' move yet".

The Cambrian chess column
18 December 1891 -  Welsh Newspapers Online 
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Blackburne vs James Glass Swansea Simuls 1891 - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Welsh
11 December 1891
Chess editor James Glass runs a regular chess column to this Swansea area newspaper.

Game (Status RARE):
Joseph Henry Blackburne vs James Glass 1-0, Simultaneous Swansea 7 December 1891
Evans Gambit
Finally this is a sample of chess editor James Glass' game. He was a strong amateur in Swansea chess club. Blackburne was in the Swansea area on December 1891 to give exhibition.

Joseph Blackburne simultaneous display at Swansea area in December 1891. Blackburne on his burn mode and won most of the game against strong amateurs of the club.

White to play and mate in three moves, composed by F. Healey
Solution to each problem can be found in next issue.

The Cambrian Chess Column
11 December 1891

Game viewer : possible new found Blackburne chess games on his simultaneous against Swansea's area amateur players

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Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Melville Teed 1891 - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
4 December 1891
The Cambrian from Swansea Wales runs their Chess column in the 1891. Chess editor was James Glass.

Game (Status RARE):
Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Melville Teed 0-1, Manhattan Chess Club (1891 ?)
Bird Opening / Irregular
This is a rare game of Manhattan based chess player, between Mess. Wilhelm Cohn and Frank Melville Teed. There another game between L.Cohn vs Teed, but it is not this game. So this is a rare game. See the game viewer below. The game was extracted from Mr. Gossip's Chess Players' Manual.

- Mr. Blackburne arrived at Pontypridd on Wednesday 2 Dec 1891 and display simultaneous at County Hotel. And others Blackburne's tour in this Swansea area.
- Steinitz vs Tchigorin match begins December 15th (1891)
- A rumour of Joseph Henry Blackburne to visit South Africa for exhibition play
- Messrs. Lipschutz, Showalter and Judd to have arranged a triangular match at St.Luous, US.

White to play and mate in three, composed by Wm. Cann (Swansea)

The Cambrian Chess Column
4 December 1891

Game viewer, new chess game of Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Meville Teed 1891

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