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Wallace vs Crane - Viner vs Ingledew 1926 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
9 May 1926
Chess column was in the newspaper of The Sunday Times since 1921s. In 1926 we saw the column transformed into Chess and Draught. The chess news report and problems had been omitted.

Games: (Status KNOWN)
Albert Edward Wallace vs H.V. Crane 1-0, Australasian Championship 1926 (?)
Queen Pawn Opening
There are about 16 games between the two in database also. Albert Edward Wallace, Australian champion in 1893, 1895, 1896. Henry Vincent Crane games can be found in 365chess, Australian champion.

William Samuel Viner vs Edwin Ingledew 1-0, Australasian Championship 1926 (?)
Sicilian Defence
This game also known and can be found in the link above. Check my blog player's database to see more about these players.

The Sunday Times, Perth
9 May 1926 -  NLA Newspapers
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