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Koshnitsky vs Younkman Australia Championship 1928 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
6 January 1929
The Sunday Times from Perth runs a "Chess and Draughts" column. Posting a game and local tournament report.

Gregory Simon Koshnitsky vs Landau Younkman 0-1, Australia Championship Perth 1928
Queen's Gambit Declined
The game between two Australian master. Game are recorded and can be found on the link above. More games can be found from "Player's Database" in this blog, on the right hand side widget.

Detail report on Australia Chess Championship 1928

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by P.A. Orlimont taken "La Tribune de Geneve"

Position: 5k1r/4NPpb/8/2K5/8/5R2/8/6Q1 w - - 0 1

The Sunday Times Perth - Chess and Draughts Column
6 January 1929 -  NLA Newspapers
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