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Saemisch in Consultation Games 1927 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
16 January 1927
Chess and Draught was a chess column from Western Australian, The Sunday Times Perth newspaper. A draughts column was added as 'co-column'.

Consultation Game between:
F. Saemisch, Lottge, and Warneke) vs Gunter, F. Schubert, Wanschafte, and Dr. Schott)
King's Gambit Accepted: Muzio Gambit, 1-0 Hanover 1927 (?)

Very interesting recorded consultation game played in Hanover congress, probably the same year as the chess column issued (1927). Although type as F. Samisch, I think it was Friedrich Saemisch and it was Frantisek Schubert in the black camp. The game was pretty amazing, a Muzio Gambit played in consultation mode and involved several sacrifices. Unfortunately the end was pretty blunderous as well. See in the game viewer below:

White to play and mate in two moves. Composed by Pieter. ten Cate, first prize in the Second International Two-move Tourney of the "Grantham Journal". Interestingly the column challenge the reader to question how the position can arise from legal moves. A book was offered as a prize for whom can give the legal moves leading to the chess problem by Pieter ten Cate.

solution see here

Local master, L. Younkman was giving simul to 24 boards in Perth Chess Club 1927.

The Sunday Times Perth
16 January 1927 -  NLA Newspapers

Game Viewer: Rare consultation games between several masters in Hanover Chess Congress 1927.

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