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H.S. Barlow vs H.L. Scott Chess Game - The Sunday Times Perth 1921

The Sunday Times, Perth
23 October 1921
Supported by Perth Chess Club, The Sunday Times Perth regularly run a chess column, weekly on Sunday.

Game (Status RARE):
Henry Stephens Barlow vs H.L.Scott 1-0, "British Tourney" London 1921 (?)
French Defence - Bradfort Attack C11
Mr. Henry Stephens Barlow is English chess player, his record can be found in  While the opponent details can't be found. This game is a rarity in database. See the game viewer below.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by J.A Nenkomm, first prize "Wochcnshau"

chess problem Position: 5B1Q/3Prp2/1Pp2NbR/3pk3/8/3R2PB/8/4K3 w - - 0 1

- Perth Chess Club activity in 1921
- State Chess Championship of Western Australia 1921

The Sunday Times Perth
23 October 1921 -  NLA Newspapers

Game viewer: rare games of British chess player Henry Stephens Barlow circa 1921

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