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Rocamora vs Shipley Telegraph Game 1895 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
16 November 1895

The Montgomery County Times was newspaper from Cardigan area in Wales, UK. They provided regular chess column since November 1895. Chess editor was not named.

Riccardo S. Rocamora vs Walter Penn Shipley 0-1, Manhattan Chess Club vs Franklin CC Telegraph 1895
Petrov Defence

Although sounds unfamiliar, both players were known to modern researcher. Riccard S. Rocamora's games can be found on and And Walter Shipley can be found here. In fact, the game itself already known to database.

Irregular Opening game with no identity on the players.

Interesting report that the Pope is extremely fond, of the royal game and has been a constant chess player for the last thirty years.

Pillsbury winning at recent Hastings tournament.

White to play and mate in two, composed by V.L. Bert

The Montgomery County Times Chess Column Wales
16 November 1895 -  Welsh Newspapers Online search
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