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Pillsbury vs Ryan (ca) 1895 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
23 November 1895

Wales based newspaper, The Montgomery County Times provided chess columns to their readers circa 1895.

Games (Status RARE):
Harry Nelson Pillsbury vs John S. Ryan 1-0, unknown 1895
Ruy Lopez

There is only one game founded from online search on Pillsbury vs Ryan, that was in 1893 and the game gone to 107 moves won by Pillsbury in Robatsch Opening. John S. Ryan probably New York based semi pro player as he was recorded in a tournament in 1895, his chessgames profile. This game was shorter and the final moves give a nice Queen (temp) sacrifice moment that perhaps made this game into the newspaper. A Rare Games to added to our Age of Chess blog collections. See game viewer below:

- Hasting 1895 games statistic.
- The Duke of Marlborough is an enthusiastic chess player, so was his uncle late Lord Randolph Churchill.

White to play and mate in two, composed by unknown.

The Montgomery County Times chess column
The Salopian & Montgomeryshire Post and Cardigan County Times

Unknown game of Harry Nelson Pillsbury vs Ryan .... ?
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