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Blackburne vs Viner, The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
2 October 1922

A chess column was a regular run in The Sunday Times from Perth.

Game - (Status RARE):
Joseph Henry Blackburne vs William Samuel Viner 1-0, British Championship 1914
Scotch Game
This game should be known because it was from British Championship. West Australian William Viner travelled to British to joint the tournament, but technically beaten by Blackburne. Viner done a blunder in the final phase of game allowing Blackburne to easily continued his kingside attack. The commentary was preserved in the game viewer for reader convenience.

State Championship and mention of strong Perth chess players such as Morris, Sayers, Coleman.
Perth Chess Club activity on the week.

White to play and mate in two, composed by W. Siebenhaar, Perth

The Sunday Times Perth chess column
2 October 1922 -

Game Viewer : Blackburne vs Viner

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