Sunday, October 13, 2013

King's Gambit - The Montgomery County Times 1895

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
9 November 1895

The Montgomery County Times was newspaper from Cardigan area in Wales, UK. They provided regular chess column since November 1895. Chess editor was not named.

A King's Gambit game played as the first game in the Ellesmere Tournament 1895.

Report on Steinitz vs Tchigorin match, where a big six feet board being put as display for spectator, Havana Chess Club.
The Brooklyn Chess Club has challenged the British Chess Club to a match by cable, 1895.
Chess match between St. David's College Lampster vs University College Aberystwyth, end with 0-8 for the later. Professor Kirby vs G.J. Thomas 0-1 and so on.

White to play and mate in two, composer was not named.

The Montgomery County Times chess column 9 November 1895

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