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Oomaru vs Invercargill Telegraphic Chess - Otago Witness 1892 New Zealand

Otago Witness, New Zealand
29 December 1892
As far as the southern island of New Zealand, a chess column already established by local newspaper. Otago Witness runs chess column in 1890s, chess editor was F.V. Siedeberg. The column was excellent with lots of reports and games. It was also come along a Draught column, located just beside the chess column.

Mr. H. Lee (Oomaru) vs Mr. Webber (Invercargill) adjucated as 1-0, Telegraphic Match 1892 NZ
Giuoco Piano
The area runs a telegraphic match between Oomaru and Invercargill, this game declared as win for white, although today's engine may suggest it still lots of play for both side. The notation contained errors in the final moves.

Alfred K. Ettlinger vs Emmanuel Lasker 0-1, Manhattan Chess Club New York 1892
Sicilian Defence
This game is known. The article report on the title "Lasker in America"

-Lasker in America
- NZ Chess Congress in 1892 ; provided chess players names : F.V. Siedeberg (the chess editor), R.A. Cleland of Dunedin, Mr. Jowitt of Auckland, P.W.Tait, R.J. Barness of Wellington, T. Sexton of Ashurst, Hookham, Eyre, Wood and Cumberworth of Christchurch.
- Championship Tourney of the Canterbury Club won by A.M. Ollivier - W.B. Eyre

- Henry Bird vs Heywood match in Newcastel. THIS IS interesting report :
Bird v Heywood. A match of nine games was lately played at Newcastle between Messrs Bird and Heywood. Three games were played on even terms (the result=Bird 2, Heywood 1), Bird gave his opponent pawn and move in three games (result=Bird 1, Heywood 1, drawn 1), and pawn and two moves in three games (Bird 0, Heywood 2, drawn 1). the ninth game however, was never played; for after the eight game Mr Bird remarked that Mr Heywood, after showing such accurate play as he had done in the latter stages of the contest, barring a big blunder, would win the remaining game or draw it. Consequently he preferred to resign the game and the match. The final score was therefore Heywood 4, Bird 3, drawn 2."
One of the game found in the Evening Express, Wales, just clicked the link to follow.

- mr. Jowett won Auckland Chess Club tourney in 1892
- handicapped tournament in Wellington Working Men's Chess Club , won by Messrs Barnes and Hirter.
Chigorin visit to the Riga Chess Club - blindfold display
- City of London Chess Club tournament with 144 members in progress 1892
- Steinitz is now busily with his Modern Chess Instructor, 2nd volume.
- Seymour Alapin and Dr Max Lange has initiated a correspondence match. Interestingly, Dr. Lange article published in Schach Zeitung, critising Alapin's opening gave rise to the match.
- Lipschutz is getting ready for a fight with Lasker.

White to move and mate in three moves, composed by J. Neumann
The composition was an aesthetic, give it a try.

Otago Witness - New Zeland chess column

Game Viewer : Telegraphic match game in New Zealand 1892 - Oomaru vs Invercargill & Ettlinger vs Lasker

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