Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Washington Herald Chess Column 1922 - Interior vs Beats Agriculture

The Washington Herald
22 October 1922
Capital city newspaper provide "Chess News and Comment" column, edited by W.H. Mutchler

J.W. Byler vs J. Roberts 1-0, Queen's Gambit Declined
R.F. Lovell vs E.M. Knapp 1/2-1/2, Vienna Opening
C.H. Stephensson vs F.B Walker 0-1, Center Counter Gambit / Scandinavian Defence
All games from The annual match of the Departemen of the Interior versus Departmen of Agriculture, Washintong 1922. Read the report in the article for details on players and comments. Since all were amateur players, I am not converting this into game viewer.

- Chase Defeats Hale - report about their local Capital City Chess Club ladder tournament.

The Washington Herald "Chess News and Comment" Column
22 October 1922

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