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Henry Bird vs Heywood - Newcastle Match 1892 - Evening Express Wales

Evening Express, Cardiff Wales
6 January 1893
Our Chess Column was chess column in Evening Express, Cardiff district area newspaper, Wales. Chess editor was Geo. W. Lennox

Henry Edward Bird vs Mr. Heywood 0-1, Newcastle Match 1892
Italian Game - Hungarian Defence

This is interesting rare game by Henry Edward Bird. This was his unsuccessful match against Newcastle strong player, only known as Mr. Heywood. Evening Express did not report the detail, but as far as Otago Witness from New Zealand reported:

"Bird v Heywood. A match of nine games was lately played at Newcastle between Messrs Bird and Heywood. Three games were played on even terms (the result=Bird 2, Heywood 1), Bird gave his opponent pawn and move in three games (result=Bird 1, Heywood 1, drawn 1), and pawn and two moves in three games (Bird 0, Heywood 2, drawn 1). the ninth game however, was never played; for after the eight game Mr Bird remarked that Mr Heywood, after showing such accurate play as he had done in the latter stages of the contest, barring a big blunder, would win the remaining game or draw it. Consequently he preferred to resign the game and the match. The final score was therefore Heywood 4, Bird 3, drawn 2." - Otago Witness 29 December 1892 clicked the link to see the newspaper scan.

The game shown that mr. Heywood indeed a capable player, handling the Hungarian defence accurately against Bird. The error in printing is in move 40.K to K , should be K to Kt. Game can be view in game viewer below.

White to play and mate in two moves, unknown chess composer.

Evening Express - Cardiff Wales
Our Chess Column - 6 January 1893  Welsh Newspapers Online

Game Viewer : Rare game of Henry Bird vs Mr. Heywood, where Bird lost to the local master

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