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Ireland vs West England Correspondence Chess 1893 - Evening Express Wales

Evening Express, Cardiff Wales
24 February 1893
The Evening Express was based in Cardiff Wales and doing "Our Chess Column" since 1891. The chess editor was Geo W. Lennox, they focused more into local chess news and activities.

P. Sandford, M.A. (Ireland) vs W.R. Fisher (England) 1-0, Ireland vs West England and Wales
Correspondence Chess Match 1893, Evan's Gambit
A copy of game played between the two association. Rare game but the players were unknown.

- A report about dispute between Cardiff vs Llanelly Chess Club
- Cardiff Dock vs The Hills United. We got to learn the chess players on this area, Geo W. Lennox and J.J. M'Eachran are known players on Cardiff but none were famous in the Hills side.

White to play and mate in two, composed by P.F. Blake

Evening Express , Cardiff Wales
Our Chess Column - 24 February 1893
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