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David Janowski vs Samuel Reshevsky 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald,
29 October 1922
Chess Comment, News and Notes On Games was a regular chess column in the Washington Herald. Chess editor was W.H. Mutchler. They provided chess games with detail annotation, such as in this issue.

David Janowski vs Samuel Reshevsky 0-1, New York 1922
Queen's Gambit Declined

Very famous game of Samuel Reshevksy in his earliest known year. This game is what put Samuel Reshevksy on the chess map. As the article suggested, the American audiences also "shocked" by the prodigy. This issue give a detail analysis to the game, interesting notes point of view from that era where chess understanding where 'limited'. The annotation were converted into game viewer below for your convenience on this excellent piece of game.

Detail report on how Lasker easily won the recent American masters' tournament in New York City. The tournament where the game Janowski vs Reshevsky was played.

The Washington Herald Chess Games Notes and Comments 
29 October 1922

Game Viewer : David Janowski vs Samuel Reshevsky 0-1 1922 - Annotation from The Washington Herald 29 October 1922

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