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Bernstein vs Reshevsky 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
12 November 1922
The newspaper from Capital City, The Washington Herald provided adequate chess column, Chess News and Comment, by H. Willard Mutchler

Jacop Bernstein vs Samuel Reshevsky 1-0, New York 1922
Queen's Gambit Declined
As usual, The Washington Herald posted important tournament  chess games played recently (on that time). In this issue they continue the report on New York 1922 tournament, which won by Lasker. The headlines news however focus on the young Samuel Rzezchewski / Reshevsky. He lost to Jacop Bernstein in this game. The game can be followed on the chessgames link.

A telephone match will be held between the cities of Philadelphia and Washintong. Under Capital City Chess Club and the Mercantile Library Chess Association of Philadelphia, 1922. We got to see the top ten players from each cities:
N.T. Whitaker, V. Sournin, I.S. Turover, A.F. Fox, N.S. Perkins, H. Garner, F.B. Walker, E.B. Adam, E. Knapp, A. Pasch and Lovell are chess players from Washington.
Ruth, Sharp, Jackson are chess players from Philadelphia. The player list finalized on this ISSUE

Class Tourney Progressing - Class C Tourney report in the Capital City Chess Club, between E.R. Kalmbach and J.B. Hanson.

The Washington Herald Chess Comment and News
12 November 1922

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