Friday, October 25, 2013

Willard Mutchler vs Hason Chess Game 1922 - The Washington Herald

The Washington Herald
25 November 1922
The newspaper from Capital City runs Chess Notes and Comment. Chess editor by Willard H. Mutchler. The column might possible ended in this issue, 25 November 1922.

Willard Mutchler vs J.B. Hanson unfinished, off hand games 1922
Danish Gambit
We got to know the strength of Willard Mutchler, chess editor to this newspaper. The game was just off hand games against J.B. Hanson, C-Class player in Washington Chess Club.

The much talked Washington vs Philadelphia Telephone chess match were given details for payers on each side. Whitaker, Sournin were in Washington, S.T.Sharp, W.A. Ruth (state champion) were in Philadelphia.

The Washington Herald - Chess Notes and Comment
25 November 1922

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