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Blackburne in Consultation Game 1895 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times - Wales UK
2 November 1895

Games - Status RARE:
A consultation game played by Rev. Chapman and Dr. Colbourne against J.H. Blackburne. Unfortunately I found the given moves cannot be continue on move 13 B-R2 .. and lead to move 17 Kt x P is a total halt. Perhaps a printing error. Reader are encouraged to help.

My reading on the descriptive notation as below:
Rev. Chapman / Dr. Colbourne vs J.H. Blackburne 895 0-1
C31 King Gambit Declined Falkbeer Counter Gambit
1.e4 e5 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 e4 4.Bb5+ c6 5.dxc6 Nxc6 6.d4 Qa5+ 7.Nc3 Bb4 8.
Bxc6+ bxc6 9.Ne2 Ba6 10.Kf2 Nf6 11.h3 O-O-O 12.a3 c5 13.Ra2 {ambiguity here} 13...e3+ 14.Bxe3 Bxc3 15.Nxc3 Rhe8 16.b4 Qc7 *

Blackburne has a lot of documented simuls and consultation games. This is one of them documented by Welsh region newspaper. The Montgomery County Times did not give the name of their chess editor, or at least I haven't found it yet.

Anonymous chess problem mate in two.

An interesting report about St. Petersburg organizing a tournament between Steinitz, Chigorin, Lasker, Pillsbury and Tarrasch. The report detailed the "playing fee" and remuneration condition for players. Unfortunately this 'super-GM' tournament only move on with four players, as Tarrasch uninterested to join.

The Montgomery Times 2 November 1895 - chess column

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  1. The 3...Nd4 variation in the Guico Piano claims another victim! Interesting to see how the organisers of the St Petersburg were going to financially reward players for victories over draws and losses.