Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alekhine vs Sanchez 1939 - The Winnepeg Tribune (Canada)

The Winnepeg Tribune - Manitoba Canada
26 August 1939

This newspaper from Manitoba province of Canada did provide a chess column! It's hard to find a chess column in Canadian newspaper. The newspaper also seems to only available from early 1900s so this column come as advance as 1939. The chess editor initial was J.H.B.

Games - Status RARE:
Alexander Alekhine vs Sanchez 1939 1-0
French Defense Tarrash Open variation.

This game is from a simultaneous tour in Bogota 1939. The partial report of this game was found in Edward Winter notes, but this is the only game move found! So another rarity from the dust of Canadian library!

A mate in two composed by C.G. Rains

The Winnipeg Tribune 26 August 1939 - rare game of Alekhine vs Sanchez found.

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