Saturday, October 5, 2013

Evening Express Wales - Blackburne vs Vazquez (1891)

Evening Express Wales
1891, April 3 - Friday
editor : Geo W. Lennox

Evening Express Wales is Cardiff based newspaper. Chess columns were dedicated in the 1891s era.

by A.H.N. Reddaway, Cardiff
White to play mate in two

Games - Status RARE:
Blackburne, J.H. - Vazquez, A.C 1-0
Pirc Defense

This looks like unknown game between Joseph Henry Blackburne against Havana's strong chess player Andres Clemente Vazquez. only provide two games between them. Probably a match between them.

The Evening Express Wales - chess column 3 April 1891

Blackburne vs Vazquez 1-0 (1891), converted to game viewer:

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  1. Black's combination with 22...f3 was faulty, as after all of the exchanges his white-squared bishop has no good squares, and is virtually imprisoned after 31...e6.