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Pillsbury Victory in Hastings 1895 - The Saint Paul Daily Globe

The Saint Paul Daily Globe - Minnesotta USA
8 September 1895

Chess Champion - Pillsbury's Play A Great Surprise to the Foreigners
Americans Are Pleas?
Over The Boston Man's Work in the Hastings Tournament
First Yankee That Has Won - Since the Days of Paul Morphy -
Brief Resume of  His Career

The chess reports in St. Paul's Daily Globe was widely known to chess historian. Here some of its best report on young Nelson Pillsburry conquering Hastings 1895. This is the first 'super-tournament' with all the best player on the globe participating. Pillsbury half point ahead of Chigorin, followed by world champion Lasker. The participants among are Blackburne, Janowski, Gunsberg, Steinitz, Albin and many other immortals. The Wikipedia for this tournament is here.

The article also gives a brief resume of Pillsbury's career. Reporting that Steinitz visit in Boston 1892 gave the young Pillsbury an odd of pawn and move, in which Steinitz lost two games out of three.


Photo / Portrait:
Pillsbury and Chigorin / Tchigorin

The Saint Paul Daily Globe - 8 September 1895 about Pillsbury Champion in Hastings 1895 

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