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Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Melville Teed 1891 - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
4 December 1891
The Cambrian from Swansea Wales runs their Chess column in the 1891. Chess editor was James Glass.

Game (Status RARE):
Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Melville Teed 0-1, Manhattan Chess Club (1891 ?)
Bird Opening / Irregular
This is a rare game of Manhattan based chess player, between Mess. Wilhelm Cohn and Frank Melville Teed. There another game between L.Cohn vs Teed, but it is not this game. So this is a rare game. See the game viewer below. The game was extracted from Mr. Gossip's Chess Players' Manual.

- Mr. Blackburne arrived at Pontypridd on Wednesday 2 Dec 1891 and display simultaneous at County Hotel. And others Blackburne's tour in this Swansea area.
- Steinitz vs Tchigorin match begins December 15th (1891)
- A rumour of Joseph Henry Blackburne to visit South Africa for exhibition play
- Messrs. Lipschutz, Showalter and Judd to have arranged a triangular match at St.Luous, US.

White to play and mate in three, composed by Wm. Cann (Swansea)

The Cambrian Chess Column
4 December 1891

Game viewer, new chess game of Wilhelm Cohn vs Frank Meville Teed 1891

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