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Paul Morphy vs NN on Rook Odd - The Cambrian 1891

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
25 December 1891
Chess column from 19th century Wales newspaper in Swansea area.

Paul Morphy vs Amateur / NN - 1-0 unknown date
Evans Gambit with odd : remove white's Queen's Rook
This game was collected from mr. Reichhelm's manuscript, according to the column it has about sixty in collection. Unfortunately while trying reconstructing the game I found error at move B to QR4 and Kt to QR4 for black, as the QR4 square already occupied. Or maybe I miss something there... The game was known and this is similar game  to Steinitz vs Rock 1863, so since 1891 the game was known played by Morphy.

-Mr. W.H.K. Pollock gave 21 simuls and won all of them in Baltimore Chess Club

-Endgame between Champion vs Mephisto
-Herr Berger, end-game master of Germany has made the discovery that two Bishops force mate in eighteen moves from the most unfavourable position, and Bishop and Knight in thirty-two moves
- Correspondence games between Liverpool vs Glasgow Chess Club with Amos Burn in play
- South Wales Chess Association event, Swansea vs Neport at Whyndham Hotel, Bridgend. We see the full team of Swansea and Newport chess players. At Swansea side: E. Louden, James Glass, W. Cann etc.

White to play and mate in three, composed by J.N. Babson

The Cambrian Swansea Wales Chess Column
25 December 1895  Welsh Newspapers Online

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