Friday, October 18, 2013

Chess Automaton in Australian Newspapers 1878 1908 1928

A sample of chess automaton articles that appeared in Australian newspapers.

The Record - Burra, Australia
20 September 1878

"Automatic Chess Player"
A Mechanical Chess Player has been constructed by Mr. C.G. Gumpel. Interesting chess automaton as described  in the article. The other source for C.G. Gumpel can be found in this Google book.

The Record - Burra chess article
20 September 1878

The Examiner, Launceston Tasmania Australia
16 May 1908
"An Automatic Chess Player"
Article about chess automaton that exhibited in Eden Musee, New York. The figure said the "Sketch" was invented by an Englishman, Charles Alfred Hooper. Little known on this inventor. The article also included an illustration that maybe represent the mechanical figure.

The Examiner, Launceston Australia chess column
16 May 1908

The Chronicle - Adelaide Australia
19 May 1928
"Mechanical Chess Player"
Article about chess automaton invented by Spanish mathematician. Since we already on 1928, I guess this chess automaton was quite real. It said although this automaton cannot play a full game of chess it works perfectly with half the usual number of chessmen on the board. Interesting.

The Chronicle Adelaide chess article
19 May 1928

sources:  NLA Newspapers
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