Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mieses - Tolosa y Carreras in Simul - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
11 January 1903

Chess column from The Sunday Times, Perth.

Games - Rare Games:
Dr. Tolosa y Carreras vs Senor Mascaro 1-0, Blindfold Barcelona 1895
Philidor Defence
One more rare game for Dr. Tolosa y Carreras, probably master level player from Spain.

Jacques Mieses vs N.N., 1-0 Simultaneous Liverpool 1900
Vienna Game
Rare game from Jacques Mieses in great romantic style attacking game.

Phillip Richardson vs Eugene Delmar 1-0, New York 1885
Bishop Opening
Known game.

Chess Problem Solving
Chess and Fiction

White to play and mate in two composed by Rev. J. Jesperssen, Denmark

The Sunday Times Perth chess column - 11 January 1903

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