Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Liebenstein vs Krause 1903 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
4 January 1903

As usual The Sunday Times from Perth provided chess column on its first issue of the 1903.

W. Gudehus vs Bernard Schneider 1-0, Mannheim 1902
Ruy Lopez
This game already known and found on, the further identity of W. Gudehus is unknown. Bernard Schneider is well known.

S. Liebenstein vs Hermann Krause 0-1, Hanover Congress 1902 - STATUS RARE
Petrov Defence
This game is not in database, and the given tournament Hanover Congress did not show the same player on the same field, I search in this Edo Historical database. Also, Liebenstein, the well known was H(ermann) Liebenstein. Link to player Herman Krause.

White to play and mate in three composed by C.Dahl, Copenhagen

There is also a draughts problem in extra space.

The Sunday Times Perth chess column 4 January 1903.

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