Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hermann Krause vs Amateur 1902 - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
28 December 1902

Chess column was a regular in The Sunday Times, newspaper from Perth.

Ludvig Collijn vs Jacques Mieses 1-0, Casual Game
Danish Gambit
Known casual games between Jacques Mieses against one of strong amateur of Sweden, L. Collijn. It's a miniature in romantic style Danish Gambit.

Orla Hermann Krause vs Amateur 1-0, 1902 - STATUS RARE
This is unknown game from master Orla Hermann Krause, playing against amateur during his visit to Copenhagen. It's a Sicilian Defence won by white side.

White to play and mate in two move composed by H.A. Willemsen, Saba.

Various chess report from 1902 Monte Carlo, the obituary of Samuel Rosenthal in Paris.
Article about Adelaide based problemist, Arthur Chalick

I also include the Draught section as the scan layout still has spare space.

The Sunday Times Perth chess column 28 December 1902

Game Viewer - Hermann Krause vs Amateur

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