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Janice vs Uedemann - The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
9 October 1891

The Sunday Times from Perth was giving chess column on Sunday, probably as earliest as in year 1891.

Janice vs Uedemann 0-1, from British Chess Magazine
Ruy Lopez
This is game by Louis Uedemann (1854-1912), twice American Champion. The opponent with white piece was Janice but I can't find anything on him. This game was displayed in the article for its beautiful checkmate combination by black. It is involving an under promotion check mate. See the game viewer or check the crucial moment here:

-State (Western Australia) Championship 1891
-Perth Chess Club meeting information in their 1891 year

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by Esteban Puig y Puig (16-04-1878 - 29-01-1940). First prize Spanish National Tourney

The Sunday Times Perth - chess column 9 October 1891

Game viewer : unknown game of Janice vs Eudemann from British Chess Magazine 1891 (?)

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