Friday, October 18, 2013

Chess Automaton the Turk in Wales Newspaper 1859 1873

Most famous early chess automaton "The Turk" as it appeared in the Welsh newspapers.

The Aberystwith Observer, Wales
16 April 1859
"Catherine II, of Rusia and the Automaton Chess Player"
Article about Catherine II meet the Automaton chess player , which most probably 'The Turk'. Von Kempelen was the owner of this mechanics. It was reported that the Empress have been highly entertained despite some embarrassing mis function on the mechanic. Read this interesting article.

The Aberystwith Observer, Wales Chess article
16 April 1859

The Aberdare - Wales
4 October 1873
"An Automaton Chess Play"
Article about the investigation on "the Turk" looking chess automaton. The article report that no person was in the cabinet which raises the cross-legged figure from the floor.... Can it be in 1873 this "mechanical puzzle" secret have not been revealed yet?

The Aberdare - Wales
4 October 1873 -  Welsh Newspapers Online 

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