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Welcome to the Age of Chess blog, is a my personal project to share chess columns from the past. They are chess columns dated from early 1800s to about 1940s. Our world today described the era as "Romantic" chess era. The legend of immortals Paul Morphy, Adolf Anderssen, Henry Bird, Howard Staunton, Blackburne, Pillsbury and many others are told in these scattered chess columns, their games waiting to be found again by us. These chess column are now easily can be found in national library or through various notable chess websites focused on chess history. These columns were screenshoot-ed and edited to fit the pleasant view of computer screen. I try to find interesting story as well rarities such as unknown chess games, interesting biography, interesting chess match moments etc.

Meanwhile this project is focus on mostly English language newspaper, from US, UK (Welsh and Scotch), Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There are millions of non English language past chess columns, waiting to be found by chess hunter. The same projects were done in Chessarch or in Chess-history, but my blog will be lighter, just a share without much historical commentaries, and most important, this is a supplements to those websites. Most of my 'discoveries', especially from Welsh and Australia are not yet touched by those two websites, so enjoy the rarities. My place to 'hunting' these columns are listed in Wikipedia's List of Online Newspaper Archive.

Lastly, please give comments or help to translate the descriptive notation to modern algebraic notation. This project, I do it in my free time , please help in support by frequent visit.

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For now... let's join the gentleman from the 19th century to play chess.

A chess set drawing from 19th century newspaper

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