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Captain MacKenzie vs Rev Owen 1890 - Pittsburg Dispatch

Pittsburg Dispatch 
Saturday, November 1 1890

Newspaper Pittsburg Dispatch did a stable chess column from 1889 to 1892. At chessarch.com, they missed the earlier issue in year 1889. Here is the earlier retrieve issues. Some interesting history, facts and stories had been writing in it.

Pittsburg Dispatch Chess Column in November 1st 1890
the portrait in bottom right is Samuel Seeds

George Henry Mackenzie vs John Owen 1-0
Manchester (1890) Owen Defense: General (B00)
This game well documented in chess database. The game show the utilizing of Owen's Defense by the man himself, through not very successful this time.

White mates in two moves - by A.F. MacKenzie

White mates in three moves composed for The Dispatch by W.E.Mitchum

composed by C.Salviolli White to play

H.A.Stauffer, Buttler vs Amateur

H.B. Lutton, Pittsburg vs Amateur

Chess News
Mr. W.Steinitz is conducting a chess column in the New York Tribunes. It is needless to say that it will be edited with very great ability. He played on Saturday, October 18 at the Manhattan Chess Club 26 simultaneous chess games , winning 28 drawing 2 and losing 1.

Judge Golmayo the noted Cuban expert, has accepted the office of referee in the cable match -Steinitz vs Tachigorin.

Mr. Shipley informs us that the first round of the match between the Franklin (Philadelphia) C.C. and the Manhattan C.C. will take place about November 20.

and other interesting news as in the article.

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