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Alapin vs Tarrasch circa 1892 - Pittsburg Dispatch

Pittsburg Dispatch
September 16, 1892

Pittsburg Dispatch runs chess column 1888 to 1892. Chessarch.com missed the earlier issue in 1889. You can see one of its sample HERE.

Semion Alapin vs Siegbert Tarrasch 1-0, 1892 ?
Alapin Opening

A rare game that found in this chess column. Semion Alapin crush Tarrasch with his signature Alapin Opening (1.e4 e5 2.Ne2). The notation and Alapin's original annotation being converter to PGN in its entirely.

White mates in two moves - composed by Eugene Woodard, SOuth Granville N.Y

White mates in three moves - composed by A.P. Mackenzie Jamaica

Albin vs Mieses
White to play and win composed by Ponziani

Bird versus Lasker

I preserved a very nice advertisement about Aliquippa (Penn.) area, as it begins to look in 1892!

the Pittsburg Dispatch September16 1892

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