Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Steinitz vs Janowski London 1899 - Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
10 June 1899
A chess column was a regular in The Montgomery County Times, newspaper coming from The Salopian , Montgomeryshire and Cardigan area of Wales

Wilhelm Steinitz vs David Janowski 0-1, 1899 London
Queen's Gambit Declined
Although David Janowski never reach the super elite chess player of his times, he did produced a lot of excellency games. In this game he defeated Steinitz during the famous super strong 1899 London, won by Lasker. Janowski and Pillsbury were second and third place.

This issue also give two miniature games as can be see in the scanned.

White to move and mate in four moves, composed by Sheriff Spens

This issue of Montgomery County Times chess column was focus on the report of 1899 London chess tournament.

The Montgomery County Times chess column 1899

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