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James Mason vs Amos Burn annotated by Pillsbury 1895 - Montgomery County Times Newspaper

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
13 January 1900
Chess column from The Montgomery County Times Wales provided chess reports, problems and annotation. Such as in this issue.

James Mason vs Amos Burn 1-0, Hastings 185
English Opening - Agincourt Defence A13
Harry Nelson Pillsbury give annotation to this interesting tactical chess game between Mason and Burn. With today's computer engine, the tactic variation which Pillsbury given was contained error and not the best moves. Interesting insight to their chess thinking of that romantic era of chess.
See game viewer below with additional comments based on computer suggestion.

White to play and mate in three moves, composed by unknown

- Whilst lately visiting the headquarters of chess in London, Simpson's Divan in the Strand, we missed some old habitu'es and noticed some fresh recruits. The most notable absentee was Bird, the veteran player, who was lying on a sich bed, but is since, we are pleased to say, much better. Blackburn was also absent being on a chess tour in Scotland. Van Vliet, the genial chess editor of the Hereford Times was there deep in the mystery of an intricate hcess combination and apparently oblivious of all around him. Lee was also present and playing that game of dominoes called Matador, which seems to be a favourite game amonst freequenters of the Divan.

The mention of Simpson's Divan reminds us of an amusing story whic is told of it. A cretain well-known habitue was well known to have an aversion to having a money stake on his game, much to the disgust of the many professionals who frequent the rooms. During a game which he was playing with one of the masters, a bystander was making himself objectionable by remarking audibly on the progress of the game, and at last finished up by saying, "I am glad to see you object to the filthy lucre, Mr....." To which Mr....., whose patience was now quite exhausted, replied, "it is not the filthy lucre I object to, but the filthy looker-on." Collapse of bystander.

The Montgomery County Times chess column - 13 January 1900

game viewer : Old chess game annotation by Harry N. Pillbsury - James Mason vs Amos Burn

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