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F.W. Lord vs H.W. Carson - R. Marriott vs A. Dodd Wales Chess Games - The Montgomerry County Times

The Montgomerry County Times, Wales
14 December 1895
This is a newspaper from The Salopian & Montgomeryshire - Cardigan area of Wales. The chess column runs from 1895. Chess editor not named.

Frederick William Lord vs H.W. Carson 1-0, City of London Chess Club v Metropolitan Chess Club
Ruy Lopez
Strong amateur player from the chess club mentioned, F.W. Lord and H.W. Carson only recorded one game in

mr. R. Marriott vs mr. A. Dod 0-1, Liverpool vs Manchester chess match 1895 (?)
Ponziani Opening C44
Yet another strong amateur level chess games between Liverpool and Manchester. mr. A. Dod recorded one game in also, while R. Marriott is harder to identify. The game is a rare Ponziani Opening I found from the era.

White to play and mate in two moves, composer F.W. Andrews, London

the Montgomery County Times Chess Column
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