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Chess Problem by A. Wheeler - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomerry County Times, Wales
 29 December 1895
This is a newspaper from The Salopian & Montgomeryshire - Cardigan area of Wales. The chess column runs from 1895. Chess editor not named.


White to play and mate in two moves, composed by A. Wheeler, Worksop
This is the correct version to the one found in Yet Another Chess Problem Database
Both provide mate in two for different black bishop position.

- It is recorded that Charles I was actually playing chess when the tidings came that the Scots intended to deliver him upl and Frederick the Great returned to his game after having heard yet more disastrous news.
- Samuel Warren recommended the game of chess to law students. Sydney Smith, Darwin, Douglas Jerrold, Dickens, Thackeray, Whately and Benjamin Franklin were all good chess players
- the calculation of chess positions and moves possibilities

The Montgomery County Times Chess Column and Problem 
29 December 1895
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