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Frank Marshall 105 Boards Chess Simuls 1916

The Day Book - Chicago 
March 29, 1916


The Chicago weekly "The Day Book" reported on March 29, 1916 about Frank Marshall's 105 men chess simuls, happening in Washington. This chess simuls break world record on that moment.

Read full report here:

Frank J. Marshall of  New York, chess champion of the United States, broke four records recently in competing with 105 of  Washington's best chess players.

The match was staged in the rooms of the National Press club, where the tables were arrange'd in two long lines stretching the length of three of the communications rooms. Marshall passed rapidly from one table to another, keeping track of the 105 games with apparent ease. He won 82, lost 8 and drew in 15 of the games. Lieut. Gen. Nelson A. Miles was one of a number of prominent players. 

The former world's record in th number of simultaneously games playing was made by H. Fahrni, a German, in Munich, in 1911, when he played 100 games simultaneously, winning 55 drawing 39 and losing 6.

It is not reported the result of Franks Marshall simuls himself.

Here the newspaper clips and photo of Frank Marshall.

The Day Book - Chicago based chess column

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