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Cardiff vs Swansea Chess Rivalry 1884 - Cardiff Weekly Mail

Cardiff Weekly Mail
1884, March 1

Along with The Cambrian, The Montgomery, Evening Express and other Wales based newspaper, Cardiff also owned their own. The Cardiff Weekly Mail started their chess colum in this issue of March 1, 1884. The highlight was the chess club meeting between Swansea and Cardiff. They also provide tournament report from around the world, as well the UK chess scene.

Two ongoing Cardiff vs Swansea Correspondence Chess Games, 1884.

The meeting between the two club ended with victory on Swansea side. Both club intended to do chess column on their area and united action to promote chess (in UK).
The players and their scores:
Swansea       vs       Cardiff
J.C. Woods 2  vs J. Bush 0
W.F. Richards 2 vs F.B. Chadwick 0
Charles Price 1 vs F.P. Down 1
J. Banfield 2 vs Rev. R. Gibbings 0
J. Dowle Jones 1 vs G.H. Down 1

White to play and mates in three

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