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Dr.W.C.Spencer Chess Game - The Saint Paul Sunday Globe 1884

The Saint Paul Sunday Globe
September 28, 1884

The Saint Paul Daily and Sunday Globe has chess column around the end of 19th century. They simply "address to chess editor.."

the saint paul sunday globe - chess column September 28 1884

Dr.W.C.Spencer vs Dr. H 1-0 - Game 4 , Chicago circa 1884
Ruy Lopez

Although there were plenty of references to Dr. W.C. Spencer in chess, mainly about Chicago on that time, there were lesser known game of him. This is one of the Dr. W.C. Spencer chess games , unpublished said the newspaper.

by Dr. P.F. Harvey , USA Fort Snelling, Minn - White to play and mate in two moves

End Game:
contributed by Emmet Hamilton

Chess Literature:
About new chess literature by "chess editor of  Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette, Mr. J. W. Miller.". The most comprehensive work on the chess openings that has yet appeared in the English language. 270 pages. The first 140 pages are a faithful reproduction of the latest edition of Wm. Cook's "Synopsis of the Openings". The remaining 130 pages contain "the American Supplement of the (Chess) Synopsis", with American inventions in the chess openings and fresh analysis since 1882.

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