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Karl August Walbrodt vs Eugene Delmar Chess Game 1893 - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
12 May 1893
The Cambrian from Swansea Wales provide chess column since 1891, edited by James Glass.

Karl August Walbrodt vs Eugene Delmar 1-0, Match New York 1893
Phillidor Defence
This is a match between Walbrodt and Delmar in Manhattan Chess Club. The opening is a mixed between Petrov and Phillidor. The stack is 250 bucks each side, and bonus 100 bucks for the winner.

White to play and mate in three moves, composed by J.H. Ashbridge (Swansea)

Chess Gossip:
Baron Heydebrant u de Lasa, the doyen of chess writers, has given 50 dollars towards the funs of the forthcoming Columbian International Chess Congress.

Lasker is playing Showalter for the Championship of America, at Kohoma, Indiana. The stakes are 2,000 dollars. The score is now - Lasker 4, Showalter 1, drawn 2

the Cambrian 12 May 1893 chess column

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